one way ticket to nyc

first class!

yes, a one way ticket.  i’m writing this as i'm on the plane in first class (more on this later) - exhausted, nervous, and somewhat in disbelief that ranee and i are moving to new york.  the last 8 weeks of our lives have been INSANE to say the least – a whirlwind of excitement, anxiety, and stress.  after planning our destination wedding in hawaii last year, we didn’t think anything could ever be more stressful than that.  well, we were wrong.  try dropping everything that’s going on in your life, and moving your entire existence across the country – in about 6 weeks!

how this all happened:

  • end of june: spoke to my good friend davin about the possibility of joining squarespace
  • weekend of july 11: squarespace flew me and ranee to nyc to meet the team: saturday 7am flight.  met the squarespace team, got a tour of the office, and had a nice dinner.  left for sf: sunday 5 pm flight.  total time in nyc: 26 hours.
  • july 15th: received offer from squarespace
  • july 16nd: accepted the offer => holy crap, we're moving to ny!! 

after accepting the offer and promising an nyc arrival date of 9/1 (in hindsight that was probably pretty stupid of me), we had about 6 weeks to:

  • give notice and quit our jobs: i guess the quitting part wasn’t that difficult (at least for me), but my last day was 8/14 and ranee’s was 8/21, only 10 days before leaving for new york.  uhm yeah, CRAZY!
  • find an apt in nyc from sf: we were coincidentally going to be in nyc for davin and gloria’s wedding the weekend of 8/1, so we spent every free moment meeting brokers and looking at apts.  saw about 15 apts.  liked 2.  was officially approved for one of them just this past monday (8/24) after shit loads of paperwork.  kinko’s was my 2nd home.
  • rent or sell our condo: keep in mind a big decision to make in basically a week or two.  ultimately decided on renting after lots of research on tax laws, and discussions with friends, family, and tax professionals.
  • find renters: having never been landlords, this was not easy.  lots of research on sf rental laws.  posted on craigslist and found renters pretty quickly but the fockers backed out on us 8/14 – two weeks before departure.  kill me please.  frantically reached out to friends, coworkers, facebook, and craigslist again.  had an open house 8/22, and thankfully found awesome renters.  hired an attorney to draft the lease.  signed 6 days ago.  yowzers.
  • pack, pack, and pack: need i say more?  6 years of crap.  lots of sweat, back pain, dust, hangnails, boxes, bubblewrap, and tape.  end result: bed, dresser, 2 night stands, 2 bookshelves, 46 inch lcd tv, tv stand, coffee table, floor rug, desk, and 40 boxes of stuff (and this is AFTER purging and storing crap at our parents’ places).  moving truck came the morning of 8/24.

and those were just the big ticket items.  nevermind the little details like repainting our condo, having our mail forwarded, etc..  throw in a month-full of weddings, birthdays, goodbye parties and dinners, and you can see why ranee and I just pounded 2 vodka tonics each in about 10 minutes.  did i mention we are sitting in first class?!

memorable moments from the whole ordeal:

  • driving around sf to pick up free boxes posted on craigslist
  • stopping grocery shopping and eating out our fridge
  • strategically packing during the final weekend so that the place was still presentable during the open house
  • an open house visitor taking a shit in our bathroom.  seriously?  wtf.
  • the lovely sound of packing tape being dispensed
  • having stomach/ulcer pain issues due to the stress.  had to see a doc.  yikes!
  • living like college students for a week after the moving truck took our stuff away:
    • living out of our suitcases (which btw we will be doing for another 10 days after our arrival.  stupid moving company.  how long can it possibly take to drive across the country?)
    • refrigerating cups of water (brita filter shipped away)
    • sleeping on a mattress in our living room, with the tv sitting on the floor
    • microwaving an egg and cheese bagel (cookware shipped away) 

and of course the last day.  found out 5 mins before leaving for the airport that united has a strict dresscode for standby passengers -> no jeans.  uhm .... i ONLY had jeans (the rest of my clothes were on the moving truck!).  time for quick thinking!  so we stopped at a thrift store on mission, bought a pair of 2nd hand (or 3rd or 4th) slacks for $10.  changed in the car on the way to sfo.  the security line was 30 mins deep so ranee flirted our way to the front.  did the "tom cruise" run with our carry-on luggages to the gate, and made it JUST in the time.  but our reward …. FIRST CLASS SEATS baby.  my sister minnie works for united.  sweet. 

and that’s the cliffnotes version of the whole story.  we want to thank everyone for their love and support through all of this (although it did make it that much harder to leave).  special thanks to ranee’s mom for scrounging 2 huge bags of bubble wrap, sherman for being the man on our last day, garrett for taking dallen’s bed on top of his honda accord (but kindly waiting until the last day so we had something to sleep on), minnie for hooking us up with first class, and squarespace for giving me this awesome opportunity.

finally i wanted to thank ranee for just being incredible.  she dropped everything and agreed to leave behind her job, her friends, and her family, all to support me and my career.  that's love.  she’s been a rock through all of this and i know i couldn't have done it without her.