drunk texting

drunk pingingThis is what happens when you drink and text, or in this case Ping.  I was at a bar drinking, obviously a bit drunk, and tried to ping my friend Nelson a message.  (BTW Nelson was sitting right next to me - did I mention that I was drunk??)

Now instead of pinging "nellee", I accidentally pinged someone named "nellie".  As you can see, this person was quite confused.  He/she proceeds to send me 3 pings over the next two days .... all in dutch!

According to my iPhone Translator app:

Wie is dit? => Who is this?

Van wie is deze ping? => Who is your ping?

Ik heb nog geen plannen gemaakt. En jij? => I have not made plans. And you?

Uhm, what the fuck?  And should I respond?  Jochem - help!!