how depressing. 48 wins and no playoffs. that really blows.

but denver deserved it. the warriors ran out of gas and played horribly during the last 2 weeks of the season. i blame don nelson for playing davis and jackson too much. they simply had nothing left. meanwhile, he had promising rookies like wright and belinelli sitting on bench, young and fresh. bad coaching if you ask me.

what pisses me off though is hearing people ("experts" even) saying that it's the same old warriors -- that was year was a fluke. uhm hello, until the last 2 weeks, the warriors were within 4 games of 1st place in the west! they played VERY well this year but the western conference was just too tough. the warriors had the most wins by a team that failed to make the playoffs since the league went to the 16-team postseason format in 1984, while philadelphia (40-42) and atlanta (37-45) made the playoffs in the east with losing records. just plain sad.

mad props to monta ellis for an amazing year. the kid is a stud. and stephen, you're crazy to think he's "overrated".

who am i rooting for? i like the suns, hornets, nuggets, and the mavericks (i'm not a hater) in the west. i hate the lakers, and the spurs/jazz/rockets are just plain boring.