nba: west > east

so if you've been paying any attention to the nba this season, you know exactly what this blog is all about: THE (L)EASTERN CONFERENCE SUCKS BALLS!

yes, i said it. you want numbers? conference standings as of today (3/11/08) for the east:

RankTeamRecordPercentageGames Back
1 Boston 50-12 .806 -
2 Detroit 46-17 .730 4 ½
3 Orlando 41-24 .631 10 ½
4 Cleveland 37-27 .578 14
5 Toronto 34-28 .548 16
6 Washington 30-32 .484 20
7 Philadelphia 30-34 .469 21
8 Atlanta 26-37 .413 24 ½


now let's compare that to the west:

RankTeamRecordPercentageGames Back
1 San Antonio 44-19 .698 -
2 LA Lakers 44-19 .698 -
3 Houston 43-20 .683 1
4 Utah 42-22 .656 2 ½
5 New Orleans 42-20 .677 1 ½
6 Phoenix 41-22 .651 3
7 Dallas 41-23 .641 3 ½
8 Golden State 39-23 .629 4 ½


do i have to say more? ok i will:

  • my warriors are 16 games over .500 and barely scraping the playoffs, where as the atlanta hawks are 11 games under .500 and 8th place! WTF!
  • the warriors would be tied with orlando (who they just beat in orlando) for 3rd in the east.
  • since the nba adopted the 16-team playoff bracket in 1982, every team with at least 46 victories has been invited. at the current pace, one 50-win team in the west won't make the playoffs in the west. very sad.

what makes this disparity even more amazing is the fact that teams play more games against their own conference. in other words, the eastern conference has an easier schedule since they play eastern teams more. in more other words, the records for western teams would be even better if they had the same schedules. this explains why the two best records are in the east: boston and detroit - two solid teams that are destroying their lame competition in the east.


while i agree that the imbalance this season is especially magnified, it's pretty much been this way for awhile. the western conference has been a battlefield for the last 2 decades. the warriors got a lot of crap for not making the playoffs 13 straight years (until last year's amazing run), but a huge reason for this was because of the brutal western conference. there were many seasons during those 13 years where the warriors were not that bad, and would have easily made the playoffs in the east.

i will even go as far as saying that the western conference was still better during the michael jordan era. yes yes, the bulls were the best team, BUT the western conference was still better overall. i read an article on espn a few months ago that supported this theory. i'll have to dig around for that article.

anyways, i'm done with this rant. i just really hope the warriors can continue to play well and make the playoffs. it would really suck to be the first team in nba history not to make the playoffs with 50+ wins, while a team with 35 wins in the east does.