the fairytale ends ...

the warriors finally came back down to earth, losing in the 2nd round to the utah jazz, and thus ending their magical ride in this year's nba playoffs. and what a ride it was! i don't think ANYONE realistically thought the warriors could get this far. i mean, think about it ... for a team that had to go 9-1 to make the playoffs on the final day of the season to then upset one of the best teams in nba history? wow.

what was more amazing was how the warriors completely DOMINATED the mavericks. yes, the series went to 6 games but if you watched the series and knew anything about basketball, you would agree that it was the warriors that looked like they were the #1 seed, and the mavericks that looked like they were in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. baron was the MAN, and mvp dirk was nowhere to be seen.

as a long suffering warriors' fan, it couldn't have been sweeter. the warriors became america's team, partially because it's always fun to root for the underdog, but also because the warriors are just fun to watch. don nelson's up-tempo style is just exciting.
i really hope more teams start to play like the suns and warriors. i mean seriously, teams like san antonio and utah (and pretty much every eastern conference team -- did anyone even watch a single eastern conf. playoff game?) are so BORING. if i'm not mistaken, the 2005 nba finals between the spurs and pistons drew the lowest tv ratings in nba finals history. ummm .... NOT a coincidence. but i digress ...

back to the warriors! with all the excitement in the bay area, it was no surprise that the warriors became the hottest ticket in town. with celebs like snoop, jessica alba (i said "god damn!"), woody harrelson, kate hudson, and owen wilson sitting courtside, oracle arena was lookin' more like the staples center. tickets were going for more than $300 per!

but alas, we all knew it would end eventually. i really felt (and still feel) like the warriors should have beaten the jazz. despite getting DESTROYED on the glass, the warriors STILL lead late in both games 1 and 2 IN UTAH ... but lost both. =( i think the game 2 lost (pietrus SUCKS ASS) was too much to overcome psychologically. throw in the fatigue factor (boozer was a beast) and it was just too much for the warriors to overcome.

nevertheless, it was an incredible finish to a wacky season, and i look forward to next year.





and now i leave you with the one play that ROCKED the playoffs: