in case you didn't know ...


yes, the 13-year curse is finally over! i've been a die-hard fan of the warriors since the "run tmc" days back in the late 80's/early 90's. my favorite player was the "t", as in tim hardaway (yes, the recent gay-basher). his "killer crossover" was deadly, and has been imitated by playground and nba ballers ever since (e.g. iverson, b-diddy, and marbury). the warriors were never serious championship contenders back then but they were decent and fun to watch. don nelson was the coach, and they played "nellie-ball". no defense, all offense. they made the playoffs a few years and made some noise.

the warriors were on a promising high point during the '93-94 season, winning 50 games with rookie-of-the-year chris webber, and nba all-first-team latrell sprewell. but then they got swept in the 1st round by charles barkley and the phoenix suns, and the warriors (and us fans) have suffered ever since.

low-lights during the past 13 years (in no particular order):

  • "franchise" player chris webber was traded (for tom gugliotta! ugh.) because he didn't get along with don nelson
  • gugliotta was then traded for donyell marshall. great!.
  • don nelson resigned shortly thereafter (so they could have kept webber!)
  • tim hardaway was traded to the miami heat for bimbo coles and keith willis. i was devastated (not being sarcastic this time)
  • chris mullin was traded to the pacers, officially ending the run-tmc era
  • sprewell choked the coach during practice, and was suspended for the rest of the season
  • sprewell was traded the following year
  • warriors hired a new coach ... rick adelman
  • then another ... p.j. carlesimo
  • take 3 ... dave cowens
  • and 4 ... eric musselman
  • one more try ... mike montgomery (from stanfurd! wtf?) .... CUT!!!
  • warriors drafted joe smith with their #1 pick (over kevin garnett and rasheed wallace)
  • warriors drafted todd fuller (over kobe bryant and steve nash)
  • warriors drafted adonal foyle (over tracy mcgrady)
  • warriors traded "up" for antawn jamison (instead of keeping vince carter)
  • warriors drafted mike dunleavy (over amare stoudemire ... AHHH!!)
  • the warriors couldn't re-sign gilbert "agent zero" arenas because of some old collective bargaining agreement rules. the nba has since instituted the "arenas rule" to prevent teams from losing promising 2nd round players in the future. again, awesome!

wow, recapping those last 13 years was depressing. 13 freakin years (that's almost half my life!). i was a junior in high school the last time they made the playoffs, and don nelson was the coach! funny how life comes full circle.


but last night, after the warriors defeated the trailblazers 120-98, the curse was finally broken. it took the final game of the season, but they did it. it's a very exciting time to be a warriors fan right now. the warriors finished the season as one of the hottest teams in the nba, going 9-1 in their final 10 games. they will face the dallas mavericks (don nelson's former team) in the first round, a team they have beaten 3 times this year. the warriors have nothing to lose, and are basically on a freeroll (yes, i had to throw in a poker analogy somewhere). honestly, i won't be too upset if they lose in the first round. i'm too damn excited and giddy!

i want to dedicate this blog to all of my warriors fans : nelson, danny, stephen, angel, dallen (NOT!), sherman, minnie, tony, joanne, billy, barry, buschman, jassen (pistons all the way?), andrew, jochem (yeah right, haha), garrett, and of course ranee ("jrich!").