the poker chronicles: various poker happenings

alright it's been a looooong time since i've blogged. i apologize, as i've been busy the last couple of months, drinking (lots of august birthdays), partying (it's the summer!!), wrapping up this independent film i'm going to be in (which i still haven't blogged about), and of course, working (ugh). during this time, a lot of exciting things have happened in the world of poker:

2005 world series of poker champion
i guess my blogs are bad luck or something. after jinxing ivey and raymer, my hex continued with "the mouth". mike matusow was promptly eliminated first from the final table, leaving 8 no-namers, all vying for the $7.5 million first prize. the australian, joseph hachem, ended up winning, and was crowned the 2005 wsop champion. his life has forever changed. here are the final table results:

1st Joseph Hachem - $7,500,000
2nd Steven Dannenmann - $4,250,000
3rd John Barch - $2,500,000
4th Aaron Kanter - $2,000,000
5th Andrew Black - $1,750,000
6th Scott Lazar - $1,500,000
7th Daniel Bergsdorf - $1,300,000
8th Brad Kondracki - $1,150,000
9th Mike Matusow - $1,000,000

btw, i think i will *definitely* play in the world series of poker next year. if not the main event, at least one of the smaller events.

season 1 concludes
when we last left off, i had won 3 out of 4 games to bring me to #8. this tied me with saran and joanne, w/ joe still in the lead at #9, one away from the title. on wednesday, july 27th (yes that long ago), joanne, paul, rich, saran, joe, and i got together at saran's to continue season 1. i don't remember specific hands from that long ago, but i do remember getting very good hands, and i eventually won (heads up vs. rich ??). that bumped me to #9, creating a very potentially exciting next game ... for another night right? WRONG!!! with all the drama, excitement, and sense of closure approaching, we all (along with sky who just got home) decided to play another game.

for some reason, i just didn't "feel it" early on in game 2. for the first time as "new" jamie, i just couldn't get it going. i felt tired, unmotivated, passive, and i couldn't seem to pick up any cards. i decided to lay low, and play really conservatively. meanwhile, jo-man was playing strong and amassed a good amount of chips. after a few people got knocked out, i starting getting some good hands, and began making my move. finally, after 3 hours of furious chip movement, "all-in" proclamations, and crazy runner-runners, the dust settled with only two standing ... jo-man and "new" jamie. this was it. season 1 was gonna end. 9 wins vs. 9 wins. we couldn't have asked for a better season 1 finale.

as usual, my heads-up battle against joe was long, grueling, and very mentally draining. joe is definitely the toughest person for me to read and play against. at around 2 am, after many many lead changes, and a lot of luck (i was all-in w/ the worst hand twice and managed to suck out), i finally won. season 1 finally ended!! i couldn't believe i did. i managed to win 5 out of the last 6 games to take the title for season 1. of course, i couldn't have done it without "new" jamie, and a lot of luck. i thought joe deserved the win the last game, which would have crowned him the champion. but i guess that's the way it goes in poker.

season 2 begins
without deciding the official rules yet, we decided to start season 2, making sure to keep track of all relevant stats in case they factored into the final scoring system. one of our goals for season 2 was to expand our poker network. "vegas" dan was our newest member (sucka!!! ha ha just kidding).

joanne came out with a bang, by winning game 1 after overcoming a huge chip lead against rich heads-up. game 2 featured a record 11 players: saran, sky, joanne, paul, ranjit, joe, rich, dan, myself, stella (jo's friend), and henry (stella's friend). this game was full of wild raises, unknown play (by the newcomers), female dominance (thanks to joe's pregame taunting), and LOTS of trash-talking. in the end, only the ladies remained (thanks again joe). sky was eliminated, and that left joanne heads up against monster chip leader, stella. joanne proved her worth by defending the honor and reputation of our poker crew (damn that sounded cheesy). she overcame stella's chip lead, and won the huge $110 pot. nice job.

we played two more games the following week on the same night. again we had a new player, as dan brought a work friend. with joanne not in attendance, we had our chance to play catch up. in the end, her namesake counterpart, joe-man took both games with some brilliant, unreadable play (winning both heads-up matches vs. dan).

so the "jo(e)s" have thrown down the gauntlet in season 2. where's "new" jamie?

$10+1 = ??
so what does $10+1 equal? 11 dollars? a gin and tonic in vegas w/ tip? well, this past weekend, $10+1 equaled a WHOLE LOT MORE for me ...

... but i'm too tired to write about it now. stayed tuned for an amazing story about how $10+1 certainly did not equal $11 for me.