the poker chronicles: "new" jamie

after finally notching my 4th win (see previous edition of 'the poker chronicles'), i was still unable to get into a groove. i managed to get my 5th, but was still suffering numerous frustrating 2nd place finishes. i was starting to earn the nickname "buffalo bills". ouch. meanwhile, joanne, saran, and joe were pulling away with 8 wins a piece. even rich, who decided to transform himself into 'new' rich, managed to pull even with me at 5.

so with the decision being made that first person to 10 would be crowned champion of 'season 1', i knew that drastic measures would have to be taken. after much thought and a healthy diet of 'world series of poker' re-runs on espn, i decided to unveil ......

'NEW' JAMIE (who, btw, is no way related to "old" rich a.k.a. "pumpkin")

with my newfound identity, i promptly proceeded to win the very next game, which featured an awesome rollercoaster heads-up match vs. jo-man. number 6 baby!!

and that brings me to this past monday at saran's:

game 1
players: saran, sky, rich, joanne, jo-man, trevor (sky's friend), sky's friend #2, and myself
pot: $80
summary: i came out of the gates red hot, catching everything imaginable. i hit boats, flopped straights, flopped flushes, quad 7's, you name it. en feugo!!. it was definitely my game to lose. joanne was the first casualty after her pocket rockets were cracked by sky's pocket kings when a king flopped, and another king appeared on the turn (talk about overkill). after taking out joe, saran, and rich, i had a pretty dominating chip stack against sky and her two friends. i eventually won the heads up battle vs. sky. victory #7. 2-0 for 'new' jamie.

game 2
players: saran, sky, rich, joanne, jo-man, and myself
pot: $60
summary: with surging confidence, i set out for my third straight victory, looking to tie saran, joanne, and joe at 8. i started off a bit slow, couldn't catch any cards, so i tightened up. i was then put on tilt with the following hand. with a 4-6 of hearts, i was chasing a gut shot straight and flush draw in a pot against jo-man and rich. joe folded what would have been the winner when rich bet and i called after the turn. when a blank hit on the river and rich checked, i sensed that he was pretty weak and probably missed a draw as well. so with a 6 high, i made a 50 chip bluff on the river. rich called instantly, so i mucked without even showing. rich then said, "i have nothing" and showed an ace high!!! what?!? he called my 50 chip bet without even blinking with an ace high? yes, his hand was better, but ace high?! c'mon. with a little rage in me, i proceeded to go on a nice run, taking saran out by slowplaying a flopped straight, and getting super-duper-pooper lucky after hitting runner runner gut shot straight to win a HUGE pot against joe's pocket kings. after all the dust settled, it was me vs. jo-man. i had a chance to go 3-0 as my alter ego, tie for the lead at 8, and regain bragging rights, but alas, joe proved to be a tough competitor as he took me out for his 9th victory and the lead, one away from the championship. damn!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close.

it'll definitely be tough to win 3 more times before joe wins his next. but i wouldn't put anything past 'new' jamie ...