so why am i blogging?

much to my disappointment, i recently realized that i have a bad memory. growing up, i always prided myself on having such a good memory, as i could remember practically everything. i certainly attribute my good grades during high school and college (despite my lack of studying) to my excellent memory. all i had to do was cram the night before, and i'd be fine.

but now that i'm getting older (yes, i'm only 28, but when you're still a kid inside, 28 feels prehistoric), i realize how bad of a memory i have. i find myself struggling to remember details of past events in my life, old movies i've seen, old books i've read, etc.. it's really quite sad. i was in denial for awhile, but have come to the conclusion that i've always had great short-term memory, but bad long-term memory. i just never noticed my long-term memory defect before because i was younger, and the majority of my past life was still in the short-term. my theory here is very similar to the phenomenon we all experience with how time seems to move faster as we get older. not exactly the same but you know what i mean ....

so what does all of this have to do with blogging? well, it's basically an easy way of chronicling my life. no, i'm not gonna keep a daily diary, and write about what i eat for breakfast everyday. i'll only write about the special moments. the random experiences. the gut-wrenching bad-beat stories. movies like 'closer'. books like 'high fidelity'. women like ... nah, i won't go there.

this way when i'm old and senile, my blogs, along with my photo albums, will retell the memorable story of my life.

and that's why i'm blogging.